It All

Your lists, notes, and images together, organized and displayed however you want. Plan your projects, days, months, or anything else that could use some management.

Organize Your Lists, Notes, and Images All in One Place.

Your Notes, Lists, and Images Together

Finally, a place that holds all of your lists and notes together in one place (along with images and additional post types in the future). Keep everything together and stop wasting your time bouncing between various apps and programs.

Custom Workspaces

Organize your lists, notes, and images for each of your projects into workspaces. Organize each workspace however you want by moving and resizing posts. Your posts can even appear in multiple workspaces.

Track What You Want

Whether your organizing stuff for projects, your day, or your upcoming vacation, Vimsio is the perfect tool for helping you keep track of it all.


It has never been easier for freelancers, students, and anyone with grand plans to stay organized.

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Lists That Work How You Want Them To

Setting up your lists is up to how they work best for you. Track your daily to do's in one list, or break each day into their own lists. Keep separate project lists, or keep them altogether in one list with a nested section for each project. You can even set up Kanban boards and drag items from one list to another.

List Features

  • Nestable list items
  • Full List item notes
  • Boldable list items
  • Ability to drag list items between separate lists
  • Easy keyboard navigation to move, edit, and add new list items.
  • Ability to hide, or show checked off items
  • Time estimation
Todo Lists

Easily Add Images for Inspiration, Reference, or Just for Fun

Add images to your projects for reference, create image boards to keep you inspired and motivated, or even just upload images from your last vacation. Images can be invaluable tools to keep your projects on track, as well as giving you the inspiration needed to do your best work.


Simple and Easy Notes for Anything You Want to Remember

Notes in Vimsio are simple and easy-to-use, but give you enough functionality to nicely format and organize your text. In addition to basic formatting options, you can also add links and bulleted or numbered-lists to your notes.

Note Features

  • Standard formatting for bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough.
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Links
  • Auto-save

Yes, It Really is Free

Vimsio is completely free to use. We may introduce additional paid features and enhancements in the future, but whatever free features and tools you have when you create your account, you will always have for free.